RControl App Guide

M2M communicators’ smartphone app

> Download and install
> First steps and login instructions
> First look
> Changing your username and password
> Notifications
> Remote Arming/ Disarming
> Users
> Labels
> History of Events
> Adding more devices to your account

Download and install the mobile app

Depending on your phone you can get the RControl application from the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store.


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First steps with the RControl app and login instructions

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, use the credentials (User Name and Password) from the Quick Install Manual to log in your account.

Upon initial log-in you will be prompted to enter a password reset e-mail.
We strongly recommend that you do that from the very beginning.
If you choose to postpone – select “Ask me later”.

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First look

Upon first start, the only active functionality will be the events log.
To access the main menu click here.

Go to Settings to configure the App.

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Changing your username and password

Go to “My Account”, if you want to change your login credentials, account name and e-mail.

For additional security you will be prompted to enter your login password again.

Fill in the desired fields and press “Save Profile” when done.

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Go to “Notifications” (1) to choose how you would like to receive the different events on your smartphone.

Click on “Add” (2), the + sign, in the top right corner to go to the available options.

Choose your preferred way(s) of notification.
You can also select both (3).

Select type of events (4), (5) to be reported for each notification channel.

Once selected, the active notification channels will be displayed, with the ability to edit, add new or remove (6).

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Remote Arming/ Disarming

Note: To enable this functionality, additional wiring and configuration of the alarm panel must be completed by the installer.
Go to “Remote Arming/ Disarming” (1) to setup this functionality.

For additional security, you will be prompted to enter your login password again (2).

Slide (3) to enable the Remote arming/ disarming.

Upon first activation, you will be asked to set the PIN (4) for the remote ARM/DISARM.

Enter and confirm your 4-digit PIN (5), then press “Continue”.

To complete the initial pairing procedure you must arm and disarm the alarm panel locally (from the keypad) within 2 minutes (6).

In case you forgot your PIN, you need to deactivate and then activate again the “Remote arming/disarming” function (7).
Then you will be prompted to choose a PIN and then confirm it.
To simply change your existing PIN – press the red button “Change remote PIN” (8).

Once you select the “Change remote PIN” button, you have to input the old one, followed by the new one twice and press “Continue” to confirm (9).

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Go to “Users” menu, if you want to add, remove, or edit the users.

Select “Create new user”, if you want to add more users who can manage this device (e.g. spouse, kids, relatives).

Populate the necessary data in the following screen (1).
If you want them to have the option for remote ARM/ DISARM, here you have to give them the permission for that (2).
Only master users have the ability to add new users and new devices (3).
For safety reasons, we recommend that you have only one master user.

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Go to “Labels” menu, if you want to name your partitions, zones and users.

To add new partition select “Add new partition” (1).
To add Zones and Users use the respective tabs (2).

You can add and/or rename all partitions, zones, and Users from the Labels submenu.

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History of Events

Select “Events” from the main screen to see a list of the events back in time.

The events history is kept for 12 months.
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Adding more devices to your account

Go to “Add Device”, if you want to manage additional devices from the same account.

Enter the serial number of the M2M’s communicator which you want to add to this account and the login credentials that come with it’s Quick Installation Manual (for new devices).

For devices that have already been in use – you will have to provide the current username and password.
You can manage up to 100 devices from a single account.
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