Manuals & Installation

Is my panel compatible with
the M2M communicators?

The M2M communicators are dial capture devices and will send signals from any panel that has a dialer and will report in Contact ID, SIA, FF or Pulse Format.

NOTE: Pulse Format should be configured additionally in the M2M Administrative platform.

Simply connect the AUX+ and AUX- wires & your RING and TIP wires and you are ready to go.

WARNING: Make sure you DO NOT have a phone line connected as the voltage will damage the communicator!

Remember, some manufacturers such as DSC require HEX programming for Contact ID.

WIRING COLORS for the MN Series communicators:

Make sure your panel has a 12 VDC power supply. If not, you may need to install one!


All M2M communicators come with a free mobile app, RControl, to offer your clients remote arm / disarm and history of all alarm events for the last 12 months from any smartphone!

For the remote arm / disarm to work, the alarm panel must have:

  • a programmable momentary keyswitch zone
  • a programmable armed status output
  • open and closing reports must be turned on

Wiring this feature is simple. The orange wire goes to your momentary keyswitch zone, the white wire goes to your “armed status output”.

NOTE: Some panels might require EOL resistor on the keyswitch zone for remote arming. Simply put your EOL resistor across the ground and zone, and put your orange wire on the zone input.

Have your client download our app – RControl – simply launch it and follow the instructions!

NOTE: The Open/Close signals must be enabled every time you want to allow remote Arming/Disarming. Once the device is synched with the RControl App you can disable the Open/Close reporting if needed.

NOTE: Only the MN Series communicators are sold with color wiring included. The MQ Series communicators are sold without wires, but with terminal blocks for easy wiring.

RControl Mobile App